Dalmacija  ribolovd.o.o.
pilchard, anchovy & bluefin tuna fishing
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Dalmacija ribolov d.o.o.

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Dalmacija ribolov d.o.o. (Dalmatia fishing company) catch and sale of small pelagic fish, especially pilchard and anchovies. Our catch is mainly used as tuna food in the Jadran tuna farm, and the rest is marketed as fresh fish or raw materials for processing.

Dalmacija ribolov has three modern fishing boats: Bruno (28.85 m, 169 GT), Jordan (28.20 m, 161 GT) and Stjepan (28.20 m, 163 GT). Boats are built in 2001 by Master Boat Buliders, Inc. (Coden, Alabama - USA). Each boat crew usually has 8-9 people, depending on the needs and conditions.

 MissionTo earn customer loyalty by offering product, Adriatic pelagic fish prepared in a traditional way with environmental care in mind.        VisionTo preserve quality and unique offering of traditional recipes for preparing pelagic fish.          GoalTo use our own catch for our own production, for fastidious customer.         StrategyTo use developed advantages in human and financial resources for stepping ahead in fishing and processing. To open new market space by creating prerequisits for partnership to potential investors.

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  • Power of ships, dominates currents and opens markets
  • Catch for own needs, absorbes prices oscilations
  • Development strategy, clear perspective, safe existency
  • Open for partnerships
  • Mission from experience, vision from knowledge, goal from ambition, strategy from power
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